1. Pray for calmness and unity in your marriage

2. Praise your spouse more for what he/she has done. This makes your spouse less defensive and open to your suggestions

3. Do not introduce difficult conversations when you don’t have enough time to talk

4. Do not introduce difficult issues when things between you two are shaky. The best time to talk about them is when things are at peace between you two

4. Don’t develop a record of judging your spouse’s past

5. Do not talk down to your spouse as if to suggest you know better or you are superior

6. Before you suggest something to your spouse, ask your spouse what his/her suggestion is

7. Do not force your point of view

8. Be ready to lose arguments. Cede ground for the sake of your marriage. The more peaceful you are, the sooner your spouse will come around

9. Don’t perpetually talk about issues. They will drain your marriage. Change the conversation. Make the talks brighter

10. Pray together about the issue as a couple. The Holy Spirit will bring about understanding and unity

11. Do not magnify the issue. Relax. Don’t panic

12. Don’t be in a rush to conclude the issue. Rush will give the both of you too much pressure and tensions will rise. Don’t make the issue a matter a matter of life and death of your marriage

13. Always speak with a tone of love even when correcting your spouse. Use words such as “My love…”, “Honey I think…” Your love should never be in doubt

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