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  1. Pillow talks are gentle and intimate conversations as you lay your head in bed or on your spouse’s chest or lap
  2. Pillow talks are one of the private spaces a couple can bond away from work, people, and children
  3. Pillow talks cultivate emotional intimacy and companionship
  4. Pillow talks can easily lead to sweet love making because they intensify the connection between two
  5. Pillow talks can be a great way to conclude love making. This assures your spouse your desire for them is more than an orgasm
  6. Pillow takes lead to better quality of sleep and peace in the marriage
  7. Avoid using your phone during pillow talks to show your spouse you find that moment sacred and special. Gadgets discourage conversations
  8. Pillow talks are a great way to bond in this busy life. So many things take up your time during the day, make time for pillow talks
  9. Pillow talks can make good therapy sessions where you open up about the state of your heart and feel listened to
  10. Pillow talks keep the marriage bed warm and keeps you two feeling that marriage is not just about bills, responsibilities and parenting
  11. Pillow talks allow you to check up on each other so that you don’t grow apart

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