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As a man, it’s never your duty to protect your woman from other men coming to toast her, flirt with her, or even sleep with her. It’s 100% your woman’s responsibility to create boundaries against men who want to encroach on her space. The moment your woman begins to entertain these external male figures, your job is not to protect her from them, start questioning her, begging, or trying to stop her. No, absolutely not…
Women who act like these have no place being a wife to any wise man. She’s for the streets and will forever belong to the streets. The boyfriend should be happy that she revealed her true nature before marrying her.
These are the types of women that are 100% destined to cheat on their men.
As a man, avoid these types:

✅Promiscuous Women: These women are constantly seeking attention and validation from different men, making it nearly impossible to maintain a stable, trustworthy relationship. They lack loyalty and will bring nothing but heartache.

✅Party Girls: Women who prioritize partying and nightlife over a stable relationship are not fit for a serious commitment. Their reckless behavior and poor decision-making lead to turmoil and instability, dragging you down with them.

✅Materialistic Women: If she values material possessions over meaningful connections, she will never be satisfied with what you provide. Her insatiable desire for luxury and status can lead to financial strain and emotional disconnect. She’s more likely to leave you the moment someone with deeper pockets comes along.

✅Women with a Bad Past: A history filled with problematic behaviors and poor choices can be a red flag for future issues. These women carry emotional baggage and unresolved issues that will negatively impact your relationship. You don’t need someone else’s drama in your life.

✅Unsubmissive and Reprobate Women: Women who refuse to be cooperative or show respect will only bring conflict and strife.
A harmonious relationship requires mutual respect and understanding, which these women lack. They will constantly challenge your authority and undermine your leadership.

✅Women Obsessed with Social Media, Male Attention, and Validation: They crave constant external validation, which can undermine the stability of your relationship. Their need for attention can lead to jealousy, insecurity, and infidelity. They are never satisfied with what you give them.

✅Women Obsessed with Celebrities: If she idolizes celebrities, she may be living in a fantasy and have unrealistic expectations for your relationship. This obsession creates a disconnect between her expectations and reality, leading to dissatisfaction and conflict. You can never compete with her fantasy world.

Avoid these types of women when it comes to marriage and serious relationships. Be wise and make choices that align with a stable and respectful partnership. Your peace of mind and future happiness depend on it.

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